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Prestige Digital Solutions has over 40 years’ in providing managed print solutions. Based in Newcastle city center, we provide managed print services to businesses throughout the North East at affordable prices. We work with leading photocopier and printing manufacturers such as Epson, Konica Minolta and Ricoh to provide quality affordable products and services.


Our 3-step process to find your perfect Managed Print Solution.


Initially we will run a print audit to monitor your existing print usage. From this data we can recommend the right devices and level of print management that is best for your business.


We can install your device within days. Our team of engineers will deliver and install your machine, and then our highly trained product specialists will provide you with the training you need to run your device properly and efficiently.


A managed print service involves your devices being monitored remotely via our print management software. We can track your toner usage and assign auto replenishment of your toners that are running low.

We can also diagnose faults in your machine, and if we can’t fix those faults remotely, we will assign one of our highly qualified service technicians to you to fix the issue.

What is a managed print service?

A managed print service is about designing the most efficient print environment. This is achieved by using intelligent software and hardware that creates productive employees, a secure environment and above all, an efficient workplace.

Considering a Managed Print Service when choosing print solutions should always be a consideration of any business regardless of its size. 

Photocopier rental, lease or purchase?

Far too often businesses think that by buying a photocopier is cheapest option, or they buy a large device when it’s not often needed! So why would you lease? Flexibility is a key reason for leasing your photocopier. You avoid large upfront costs and expensive maintenance costs if you lease from a managed print provider.



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Why choose a managed print solution from Prestige?

Our managed print services can help your business gain more transparency from your print, reduce your multifunctional photocopier spend by up to 40% annually.


Manually monitoring toner refills, ordering replacement parts, and managing ongoing maintenance for office printers is counter productive. A managed print service provides a complete solution for businesses looking to streamline their print costs and improve office productivity.


In addition, if not monitored, the document output of individual team members and departments can rapidly get out of hand, increasing printing costs.


Prestige Digital Solutions is an independently managed print services provider, delivering tailored MPS solutions across the North East that provide transparency and control over print volumes and expenses. We partner with only the best suppliers and offer a wide range of devices, from smaller office machines to larger multifunctional devices and wide format printers.


Following a comprehensive site analysis identifying the best ways to improve your print environment.

We provide setup, training, device servicing, consumables replenishment, business intelligence and ongoing process refinements of your MFDs – something other print management companies cannot match.

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Still not convinced?

Here's 6 great reasons to choose Prestige for your managed print service

Control over your print costs

Take control of your print costs through increased visibility reporting.

Real time comsumables tracking

We monitor your devices in real time through our software, meaning you never run out of toner or lose print capabilities. 

Control over your print costs

Our software and hardware optimise processes to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Increase security

User mail boxes and user authentication releases documents from devices, whilst data encryption protects files sent to print devices.

Automated invoices

We monitor your devices in real time through our software, meaning you never run out of toner or lose print capabilities. 

Constant optimisation

Through our systems and processes, we constantly optimise and improve your print environment.

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